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Blog: Tour Report: WINCHESTER

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Bloody GRATE gig in Winchester last night, a whole LOT of fun. I was on first, but there was a delightful SET of people who'd come specifically for me, God BLESS them all, and most people who came on the night had already come by then anyway. One of these, a noted dotcom thousandaire, pointed out that the Albion, where I played a few months ago in Winchester, and which closed very soon afterwards, STILL says "Tonite - MJ Hibbert!" on the front. At least they spelt "MJ" right!

I started off, as is my WONT, with "Things'll Be Different" and "Too Turned On", and things ROCKED from thereonin. The WEIRD thing though was that it SEEMED in places that nobody was listening, and loads of people were talking Very Loudly - although I couldn't SEE anybody so doing, and in-audience reports afterwards told me that people WERE getting into it A LOT. EXACTLY the same thing happened last year at the Railway, it is STRANGE - perhaps it has Bonkers Backwards Acoustics?

Anyway, the set went GOOD, with "Easily Impressed" especially going well, and blow me if I didn't get to do an encore again! It was ACE! I did "Boom Shake The Room" and by the end people were singing along with the chorus, it was BRILLIANT. Afterwards I continued my new policy of striding around waving CDs above my head saying "Who WANTS it?" and so on, and you'll see the results tomorrow when I update the totaliser. Later on I saw the band The Retro Spankees, who were LOVELY - sort of like early Gorky's, with a bit of Bearsuit thrown in, but really themeselves also. I liked them because they were obviously enjoying what they were doing, and despite the above comparisons, what they were doing was very much their own thing, it was COOL.

Afterwards we ended up crowded round a quiz machine, not winning a quiz, and drinking very nice beer indeed. It was a LOVELY night all round, Winchester ROCKS.

posted 9/11/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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