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Blog: Where Have All The Gigs Gone?

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Whilst uploading the last totaliser figures (LOOK! Look at it GO!) I've also updated the GIGS section, and it made me sad. I've only got one gig left now - just as I was getting used to it too! I mean, it'll be nice to have a few Full Weekends without having to brave the nation's failing public transport infrastructure, but still, I'm really enjoying getting out and about at the moment - there's thoughts of some more gigs in the new year (including maybe a brief jaunt around SCOTLAND!), but it'd be nice to have a couple of others...

Still, there is always ALBUM PREP to do - once I get hold of my 4 track I'm going to start doing demo recordings of some of the new songs. There's about 8 ready to go and, as of this morning, another TWO in my BRANE, fermenting. It feels GOOD!

posted 10/11/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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