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Blog: Another Production Meeting

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I was back in Angel last night for another Production Meeting for The Christmas Party, the web series that a bunch of us have written and indeed MADE ready for launch on December 1st.

Since last we met we'd actually managed to FILM all seven episodes of the series, and they were now being edited, which was pretty amazing really. Usually with this sort of thing everyone goes "Whoo! Yeah! Let's make a thing!" then talks about it LOTS but never actually DOES anything,but somehow we seem to have managed to PUSH ON and arrived, pretty much on time. I guess having CHRISTMAS as an unmovable deadline helps!

The meeting sped along at high speed with DECISIONS and IDEAS, with the most EXCITING section being when we talked about PUBLICISING it. As a WISE HEAD (hem hem) said, the big achievement will be when we've FINISHED them and we have an Actual Proper Web Series What We Made available for people to enjoy. The FUN bit will be all the extra stuff we do telling people about it, entering it for competitions, and seeing what ADVENTURES come about as a result. In this respect it is VERY MUCH like when you spend ages and ages making an album - the end product is the ARTEFACT you produce (whether that's a vinyl album, a CD, or a set of mp3s), but the FUN comes from all the unexpected things that happen after.

Talking of which, if you're reading this and are INTERESTED, you can LIKE the series on our facebook page, FOLLOW it on twitter or subscribe to the YouTube Channel, where everything will be uploaded at the start of the next month.

There's also a fair chance i'll be mentioning it here too.

Job done we headed over to the PUB for BEERS and so forth, where I was AMAZED to discover that I had not told anybody the story of Hey Hey 16K. I was astounded at my own self-control - I'd known these delightful people over a year and had STILL not got around to showing off about it! I set that right straight away - AT LENGTH.

We left the pub full of the joys of MOVIE MAKING, also BOOZE. There's only ten days left until it'll be available for everyone to see: EXCITING!

posted 21/11/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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