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Blog: The Badgers Of Hastings

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On Saturday The Normans In My Norman Invasion Force and I set off for HASTINGS, a place I had never been to before but had, obviously, been told about a LOT at school. We took the High Speed 1 train down to Ashford and were surprised to see a few people actually getting ON at Stratford. Admittedly we've only ever used "the Javelin" for DRUNKEN LARKS (going back and forth during the Olympics or after BOOZE in Kings Cross to get home quicker) when NOBODY gets on or off at Stratford, but it was still a surprise.

When we arrived we were met by the husband of one of The Staff On My Payroll's ex-work colleagues who took us out to their house for a Proper Old Fashioned Lunch of SOUP and SANDWICHES and a BIG catch-up. It was LOVELY - I'd not met either of them before but had heard a GREAT DEAL so felt like I also was meeting old friends!

We then got dropped off at the pier where a very impressive crowd had gathered for the Anti-Badger Cull demo, including some people in SPLENDID badger costumes. There were HUNDREDS of us as we trooped along the promenade, singing and banging instruments and waving at passing motorists who pipped their horns in support. It was BLOODY FREEZING though, especially as we were walking alongside the beach.

We also met some NEW friends - The Badgers In My Sett has got to know a whole BUNCH of people on twitter who are also concerned about the corrupt, idiotic, murderous, shittery of the Badger Cull (EDITORIALISING) so we went and found them to say hello. It reminded me of old uk-indie meet ups from MILLENIA ago, when people would greet each other by their email names!

When it was all over we walked back to the station through Hastings itself, which is an ODD place - it's like someone took a copy of Brighton then removed all the excitement, glamour, showing off, diversity and general FUN, leaving a very pretty but also rather DEPRESSING sort of place. We couldn't even find a Cosy Pub, so ended up having a cuppa from WHSmiths - something I've never come across before - then ZOOMING home.

We capped off a DELIGHTFUL day with a trip to Tap East - it's just next to Stratford International, it would have been RUDE not to - and got home in time for Doctor Who. Which was AMAZING - HOORAH!

posted 27/11/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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