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Blog: The Christmas Party

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At last, after nearly five months of MEETINGS are DiSCUSSIONS and Generally Banging On About It, our web series The Christmas Party is finished and online!

For those who have somehow MISSED me going on about it, the original idea was that a few of us on my MA course fancied creating our own web series, as a) it is The Cool Thing To Do right now b) it sounded like fun. Amazingly with a project like this it didn't just end with everybody saying "Yes, that IS a good idea" as we actually DID it, and we met several times to discuss the theme, the stories, and how they'd all tie together, then WROTE them, cast them, FILMED them and, the other week, edited them.

And now all seven episodes (each about 3 minutes long) are DONE and ONLINE, and do you know what? They are pretty darn good! My favourite aspect is the way that they actually DO hang together pretty well, with characters wandering from one episode into another and creating slightly bigger stories, while also living quite happily in their main episodes. You can judge for yourself by going and having a look at our Youtube Channel. Go on, it's only 24 minutes long all together, you've got time!

I wrote ONE of the episodes and am in two - though you probably won't realise it is me, what with the AMAZING ACTING and everything hem hem. I play a COMPUTER GUY! How DO i come up with these amazing ideas eh?!? Here is the episode wot I wrote, it's called "The Back-Up":

For some reason Lars The Editor decided to remove ME from most of the shots I filmed and replace me with footage of MY DAD... but apart from that I must say I am RATHER PROUD of it and, indeed, the whole thing. There's various things we could improve upon if/when we did another series, but for a first go I think it works jolly well. If you get a chance to watch them all I hope you enjoy them, and in the meantime I shall be monitoring my phone for the SURELY INEVITABLE call to write AND STAR in that new James Bond film they're on about.

posted 2/12/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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