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I've been doing a LOT of ebaying and clearing out just lately, for LO! it all goes to plan we'll be moving house quite soon. It's not definite yet, so more news when it actually happens, but in the run-up I have been working HARD to clear out some STUFF. Living in the same house for 11 years does rather mean you ACCRUE a lot of THINGS, so in recent weeks I've been doing a big ebay of most of my comics, sorting out books, CDs and so forth, and making plentiful visits to the Charity Shop.

It's all been rather INVIGORATING I must say. HONING down what you actually want/NEED is quite CLEANSING - for instance, I've got rid of about HALF of my CDs, simply by thinking "Is this an album I'd ever actually PLAY in full, or is it just here to complete a set?" It's also very satisfying INDEED to look around and SEE the room clearing out a bit. Giving away CDs at Total Hero Team gigs has been very helpful indeed with that!

As part of this I couldn't help but notice that I had SEVERAL guitars. Until recently I had TWO full-size acoustics, my travel guitar, a posh acoustic belonging to The Strings On My Fretboard, an electric, TWO ukuleles, a mandolin, a BASS and a practice amp. This is clearly more than I need - it's more than most BANDS would need - so I began the process of WHITTLING DOWN by giving away my oldest guitar the other week. Since then I've gritted my teeth and decided to SELL the amp, my "gig acoustic" and my lovely lovely Burns Cobra guitar. This latter is most painful - it's a BEAUTIFUL instrument, but I have used it about TWICE for gigs and only get it out of its case once a year to either LOOK at it or play a guitar solo on a recording, which I can do JUST as well by plugging in my electro-acoustic TRAVEL AXE.

I thought long and hard and decided that a guitar is a TOOL - this is something I usually say when I've WHACKED one on something - and so should be USED by someone. I really do think this, and so have put the LOT on eBay. The amp went pretty much straight away (I handed it over the Parcelforce this morning, in fact), but the AXES (and cases and stands that go with them) are still there. You can see the COBRA here (complete with its claim to ROCK INTEREST!) and the acoustic here. If anyone reading this buys it, and can meet up for an IN-PERSON HANDOVER then I'll chuck in a pile of CDs too. I am, after all, moving house soon!

posted 5/12/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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