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Blog: The Great Clearout Continues

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As mentioned the other day, myself and The Furniture In My Room are moving house soon - in just over a week, in fact - so I'm having a MASSIVE clearout of STUFF. EBAY is BULGING with various comics and DVDs (and a couple of Musical Items) that I've been selling, the Oxfam bookshop in Bloomsbury is RAMMED with graphic novels that once dwelled upon my shelves, and I believe the Spitalfields Crypt Trust shop in Leytonstone is having to EXTEND the building to contain the books, CDs, albums and Items General that I dumped... sorry, DONATED there last week.

And I must say, it all feels GRATE. I've had mini-clearouts in the past, but have shied away from doing THAT much due to sentimental attachments to Owning Things. This time, however, I've GOT to get rid of stuff, as there just won't be ROOM in the new place, so I've applied Strict Criteria to my shelves. For example, if I'm very unlikely to read a book again, it's GONE*. If I might read it again, but it's out of copyright and so available on kindle, it's ALSO gone* (unless i have XTREME emotional attachment to it, in which case... er... it isn't gone after all). Similarly with CDs I thought "Is this an album I would happily play all the way through, in the living room?" If not: BYE BYE!

Doing this with books, CDs, comics and even GUITARS was easy, though i DID take my lovely lovely Burns Cobra electric off ebay a couple of days after putting it on (it's so PRETTY!). The only thing I had ANY issues with was DVDs - I came perilously close to putting my Buffy The Vampire Slayer boxsets on ebay! WHAT WAS I THINKING?!? If there's any show i am GUARANTEED to sit down and watch right from the start again it's Buffy! Or, actually, Deep Space 9, my OTHER favourite show EVER, which i rescued a few minutes later. PHEW!

The clearout is nearly over now - I took an old computer to Computer Aid International this morning (they were LOVELY!), cleared out fifteen years of COMPUTER LEADS the other day, and have another Sholley-Load of BOOKS to take to the charity shop at the weekend, but then I think I'll have shifted everything i possibly CAN shift.

The exciting thing is what I'm LEFT with. Now I've filleted out over half of all my CDs, EVERY album in the CD racks is a GRATE one. With most of my books GONE i now can't WAIT to start re-reading all the EXCELLENT books I've got left, not least the shelf full of CLASSIC COMICS COLLECTIONS. And when I tire of that, well, I've got all of Buffy and DS9 to watch again. 2014 is going to be BRILLIANT!

UPDATE - CLARIFICATION: The Strings On My Fretboard has asked me to make clear that the ACTUAL reason i took my Burns guitar off of eBay was that she TOLD me to take it off. "I remember you buying that," she said, recalling my GLEE. "We will find a space for it somehow!" I am more than happy to comply with this request.

posted 12/12/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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And of course there were such high expectations after the measly amount Bob Dylan's guitar went for. Yours would have set a new ROCK record...
posted 12/12/2013 by Merman

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