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Blog: A Big Week

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You find me today poised, slightly AQUIVER, on the verge of a BIG WEEK. Seven days from now a LOT will have happened!

It all starts off quite gently tonight, when I'm off to SKOOL for the LAUNCH for The Christmas Party the web series that I wrote an episode of and also done ACTING in that one and someone else's too. As stated before, I am HUGELY proud of the fact that we managed to MAKE the whole series, and also that it came out Pretty Darn Good - if you've not had a chance to watch it yet, do please have a look, we could do with some VIEWS!

Then tomorrow and Thursday I'm playing one of the BIGGEST - and certainly one of the Closest To My Work - GIGS I've ever played, when I'm taking part in Mr Robin Ince's Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People event at The Bloomsbury Theatre. As well as ME this features the likes of Grace Petrie, Josie Long, Gavin Osborn, Helen Arney, Mark Watson, Rich Herring, Phil Jeays and a TONNE of others. It should be quite a big night and I am, I must admit, AFEARED. There are still some tickets available if you feel like witnessing a) comedy b) music c) me SCARED!

And then on Saturday i am MOVING HOUSE! YIKES and DOUBLE YIKES! Myself and The Flats In My Block are moving to the ACTUAL OLYMPIC VILLAGE to live in a RIGHT swanky new flat. I can't quite believe it's happening - we've been daydreaming about going to live there for YEARS, and within a few short days we WILL be. Hence I am spending every waking hour WORRYING about change of address, bills, direct debits, van hire, clearing out stuff, buying new PANS, different transport arrangements and... well, a million and one other things, really. It's all TERRIFICALLY EXCITING, but I can't wait for us to be IN and SETTLED!

As I say, it's a BIG WEEK, so if you see me tottering around at any point over the next few days, do be gentle won't you?

posted 16/12/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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