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Blog: The Christmas Party Christmas Party

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Last night I gathered with COLLEAGUES at City University for the Launch Party for our web series - or, as The Beats In My Script put it, The Christmas Party for The Christmas Party.

I arrived to find nearly everyone else there, with WINE and NIBBLES set out and a computer projector switched on. I'd brought back-up versions of all the episodes with me and we decided that it was probably better to do use those, rather than relying on the interweb working for Youtube. We worked out how to do a Windows Media Player playlist, which took about 2 seconds. Computers are so PEASY these days aren't they? I mean, I know some aspects are still annoying and They Keep Changing Things, but CRIKEY at least you don't need a manual, three hours, eighteen floppy disks and a SCREWDRIVER to do anything these days!

Guests started to arrive, including the aforesaid People At My Party, and I found myself introducing people to her by What I'd Said About Them e.g. "This is KEN Who Set His Feet On Fire" (NB not a real example). Luckily in this case the descriptions were more like "who lives in Leicester" or "who leant me that book". PHEW!

With everyone in we dimmed the light and then SOMEONE (hem hem) got up and did a very quick intro. It wasn't my idea, honest... tho I didn't fight the nomination. We then watched all seven episodes in sequence, which you can recreate THUSLY, should you wish to do so:

Everyone was NERVOUS but it worked REALLY well - having it up on the big screen made it all look PROPER and Quite Impressive. Afterwards there was a Giddy Glow about the faces of the TEAM, as we realised that actually it had WORKED! Our course leader, the mighty Phil, seemed very pleased with it too. He didn't SAY we were totally the best group it had ever been his privilege to teach - he didn't SAY it, but it was certainly IMPLIED. "Subtext", we call it, in the Screenwriting Business.

After some generalised congratulating and happiness we went over to the pub, where we took a batch of photographs for use on the FACEBOOK. We're planning a TRANSMEDIA explosion of CONTENT, whereby the conclusion of all seven episodes will be a photograph album on Facebook, showing pictures of the actual party they end up at. MODERN, right?

It was all rather marvellous, and I tottered off for the tube home feeling really rather Christmassy. Now all we need to do is the whole thing over again for our NEXT project! PEASY!

posted 17/12/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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