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Blog: Post-Apoc-Olympic

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Yesterday we went to THE OLYMPIC VILLAGE again to see our new flat, this time with FURNITURE in so we could assess how much room we're going to have. We skipped off to catch the bus and, after a couple of trips where I've thought "Why DO i always say I don't like buses?" i REMEMBERED: because when they don't work, they totally don't work, and there's nobody there to tell you why or what's likely to happen next. It wasn't so bad going - it did arrive, about 20 minutes after it was meant to - but on the way back my bus appeared to have been CANCELLED, though only in the direction I wanted to go.

ANYWAY, we got there in the end and the Delightful Young Chap who showed us the flat the first time came out again all smiles to show us again. Everybody to do with the flats appears to be LOVELY, and there's LOADS of them. I guess what's happening is that everything is staffed ready for when HUNDREDS of people are moving in, but as we're some of the first to move in we've got the luxury of everything being there just for US. Also all the staff have just started, so are still a bit excited about working on THE OLYMPIC VILLAGE and are pleased to have someone to show it off too.

As we approached the front door I thought "What if it turns out we don't like it after all? What if it ISN'T as fab as I remember?" but happily it was JUST as good, and indeed, for the most part, slightly LARGER. The lounge/kitchen seemed to be full of sofas and tables and chairs and sideboards, so felt a little more cosy, but the rest of it felt HUGE, with BIG cupboards and a LOAD of chests of drawers. It was SO exciting we had to go and have a cup of coffee, where we discussed Placement Of Items and Configurations. I'd MEASURED everything, so when one of us said "Maybe we could put (FURNITURE ITEM A) into (SPACE X)?" I was able to consult NOTES and say "Yes, yes we could". I can't wait to get moved in and start SHIFTING things!

After that I strolled round the edge of the Olympic Park to see our energy suppliers. It was WEIRD - it's a huge area with all sorts being built, but there's almost NOBODY around. The feeling of being in a post-apocalyptic landscape is added to by the fact that the remains of the Olympics are still there - slightly tattered Olympic flags still fly, and near the old entrance gates lie the plastic chairs that the stewards used to sit on. The Copper Box is especially eerie - a vast building that was hugely important, but is now sat there doing nothing.

I must admit I rather liked it. It felt like when we go on holiday slightly out of season - everything's ready, the whole place is going to BURST into life very soon, but for now it feels like it's all there just for us. The only difference is that, instead of heading home after a week, we get to stick around and see how it all works out. I can't wait!

posted 19/12/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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If you're moving to Stratford, you must come and play a gig at my lovely local pub... is lovely, and just down the road (in fact, a short walk across the park to Bow!)
posted 19/12/2013 by a fan

oh! also ... The Copper Box is not collecting dust .. it is awesome...
posted 19/12/2013 by still the same fan

I'd love to - will check it out!
posted 19/12/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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