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Blog: Bloo(ming busy) Monday

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The First Proper Monday Of January, when pretty much everybody is back at work, is always called "Blue Monday" in the newspapers as it's supposedly The Most Depressing Day Of The Year. This is a complete load of rubbish but always gets reported all over the news, probably because not much else ever happens on The First Proper Monday Of January.

For those of us in the ROCK community, however, The First Proper Monday Of January is always HUGELY busy as people all over the world think "Right. Christmas is properly over, let's get on with the New Year" and start booking gigs. This year, for instance, I had FOUR gigs properly confirmed and/or sorted out, all over the course of the day, as follows:

ITEM! On Friday 24 January me and Steve kick off the final Total Hero Team TOUR with a vist to the Rutland Arms in Sheffield, where we're joined by the MARVELLOUS Kriss Foster (and friend). This was sorted already, but Mr D Hartley emailed yesterday to let me know that tickets are now available - there's only about 30 tho, so get in FAST!

ITEM! Shortly after that we're in Hackney for the show's LONDON FINALE on Thursday 30 January at the Hackney Attic. Yesterday we finally NAILED DOWN the line-up, with me and Steve being joined by two fabulous veterans of Totally Acoustic, Ms Jenny Lockyer and Mr Matt Tiller. It's a GRATE relief to have got this sorted out, and it looks like being a lovely night - if you fancy it, tickets are available for this one too.

ITEM! A week or so after that, on Sunday 9 February, we head north of the border, to the Glasgow Pop! South All-Day-and-a-halfer at the Glad Cafe. This was booked ages ago, but they've been keeping us a SECRET until now - perhaps to make sure people by tickets before they know we'll be there? I'm right looking forward to this, as it's AGES since we were last in Glasgow, and tickets are available for this one too

ITEM! Similarly they've been keeping my appearance at the post-Leicester-Indiepop-All-Dayer afternoon on Sunday a SECRET, but yesterday it was Formally Announced with POSTERS. No tickets for this one as it's FREE (though i think there'll be a WHIP ROUND), and features a PHALANX of ROCK in the shape of Messrs Pete Green, David Leach and Alexander Christopher Hale. I imagine BEER will be taken at this one!

Further details (including POSTERS!) for all of these are available over on the gigs page, as are details of the OTHER couple of Total Hero Team tour dates in Leicester. It's going to be a HEROIC couple of months!

posted 7/1/2014 by MJ Hibbett

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