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Blog: We're In!

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Apologies for the lack of BLOGS this past week, most of my time has been taken up with moving house.

"But Mark", the attentive reader may say, "Surely you moved house three weeks ago?" Well, yes, we did, but we left a TONNE of stuff back at our old place which needed moving, and also our new place is SO new that the landlords have needed to keep sending MEN around to check and/or MEND things. Thus the we have spent a LOT of time going back to the old place to PACK things, bring stuff back to the new place, and then moving furniture around to either allow access to THINGS or to make places to out NEW things.

Monday was a BIG day for this, as we had The Removal Men in. I've never needed to use removal men before, as previously I've moved by car or borrowed a VAN, but this time we had some Big Furniture to shift so decided to get in the PROFESSIONALS. On the one hand it was a bit SCARY, as I kept leaping up to check they were taking the right stuff, but as time went on it became more REASSURING, as I reminded myself that they were, as previously stated, PROFESSIONALS, who a) knew what they were doing and b) didn't need me interfering. They did a LOVELY job too - if you ever need to move house in East London i heartily recommend George's Removals, they were dead good!

I spent a happy Monday afternoon putting things away, and the flat is now looking PRETTY DARN GOOD! However, we still had a parade of "visitors" coming into to do stuff - we've had so many assorted plumbers, movers, heating contractors, carpenters, cleaners, general handymen and landlords' staff in the flat over the past three weeks that I reckon it's more people than we ever had in the last house the entire time we lived there! Yesterday, however, we had our (hopefully) last batch which means we're pretty much DONE. There's a few bits and bobs to finish off and some sorting out that needs doing, but for most intents and purposes we are now officially MOVED and can get on with The Rest Of Our Lives! In theory I now have hours EVERY DAY which i don't have to spend thinking about house moving - stand by for an onslaught of STUFF!

posted 16/1/2014 by MJ Hibbett

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Good luck in your new home. Have you bought then?
posted 16/1/2014 by Pauly

We tried to, but they wanted us to buy somewhere "off plan", wouldn't show us inside, and we'd have to wait until Easter! So: renting!
posted 16/1/2014 by MJ Hibbett

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