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Now that we're officially MOVED it's nearly time for us to get on with ACTUAL life i.e. Things That Aren't Moving House. There's still a couple of things to sort out though - one of these is to get ourselves weaned OFF The Christmas Diet, as we're still "treating" ourselves to SNACKS at any opportunity, getting through bottles of WINE at a fair old pace (moving house is STRESSFUL!) and staying up until 2am. The current plan is to tackle that NEXT week, THIS week's job was to go and get my GP sorted out.

My old GP was lovely, and still not very far away, but there's a massive medical centre only 2 minutes from our new flat, and it's named after Sir Ludwig Guttman, so I HAD to register really, didn't I? It's all VERY swanky and new, and as there's only about 5 people living nearby I REASONED that I'd get super attention and service. However, i STILL didn't get to see my new GP until 15 minutes after my appointment - there was NOBODY there, so I can only surmise that it is part of their training to keep you waiting a bit. It's like going to the Chemist's - you can SEE your prescription on the shelf, but it is the LAW that you have to wait for it.

Other than that all was delightful - knowing there was nobody else waiting meant we could have a bit of a chat and go through all my various minor ailments. I wanted him to say "Aha! There is a revolutionary new treatment for Psoriasis/Bad Back/Occasional Ulcer Twinges that will cure you INSTANTLY! Also: it definitely IS just Psoriasis/Bad Back/Occasional Ulcer Twinges, and not SOMETHING HORRIBLE" but instead he said "Yes, that seems fine, keep taking Gaviscon/applying psoriasis lotion/doing back exercises", which I suppose is near enough. He also told me that my BMI is too high. "The way to lower it is to lose weight", he said. "Or get taller", I pointed out. He was unable to argue with my PURE LOGIC.

They also handed me a FORM with details of how to register for their online service. It featured a lovely list of very clear instructions which, of course, don't actually WORK. I rang them up to point this out, feeling Professionally Obliged to do so. Turns out that they'd missed AN ENTIRE FIRST STEP, after which it works FINE. Like everything else about living in East Village, it does feel like we're the guinea pigs/PILOT PROGRAMME, going through everything being not quite right before everybody else gets here!

Still, all done now - I think that deserves a whole pack of Pringles and bottle of wine!

posted 23/1/2014 by MJ Hibbett

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