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Blog: Total Hero Team Podcast

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After WEEKS of going on about it I am very happy to announce that the first episode of the Total Hero Team podcast serial is online RIGHT NOW!

You can find it over on the Total Hero Team website, with details of how to subscribe via iTunes and our own atom.xml feed. You can also, i think, follow my soundcloud channel, or indeed just pop back every Friday for another episode.

The plan, as subtly hinted at above, is to release a new episode every Friday, with the last one out on February 28th, so that it's going on alongside the last batch of gigs that we're doing. Once it's all done I'm going to put an album version, with all the songs seperated out, on a "Pay What You Like" deal on our bandcamp page. If all goes to plan there'll also be a sort of MOVIE version, done with still photographs, all unleashed at the same time.

For now the first episode, eight minutes of THRILLS and NEW SONGS await you - go on, have a listen, it's GOOD, honest!

posted 24/1/2014 by MJ Hibbett

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