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Blog: The Final Show Unless We Do It Again

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Saturday morning dawned at a VERY leisurely pace. Usually when I'm in Leicester for the comedy festival i have Other Stuff to do during the Saturday, but this time all I had was a Late Lunch date with my old pal Mr C Lawson, so I LOAFED ABOUT a lot, watched telly, and then SLOPED into town for a wander round (including a look at the re-opened Silver Arcade, which was VERY posh), before meeting Chris in The Globe. We had a GRATE lunchtime, one of those daytime pub sessions which begin sensibly but end with you both going "All right, one more can't hurt can it? OW! WHAT IS THAT BRIGHT LIGHT OUTSIDE?"

I wobbled back to the Ibis to fetch my guitar then met Steve in The Pub, the pub which is called "The Pub", where he was watching Rugby. As usual I thought "OK, let's give this stupid game another go" and, as usual, I realised that Rugby is BORING and RUBBISH. It wasn't on for long though, so we picked ourselves up and headed over to Firebug to watch Max and Ivan in "The Reunion". We were VERY pleased with ourselves for actually going to see a SHOW while we were at the comedy festival (this was my sixth year and my first show seeing something else!), and I enjoyed it a lot. It was two blokes playing lots of characters, though instead of using WIGS and HATS they used lighting and sound effects. It was good!

Then it was back to the Criterion for more PIZZA and a return to BEER (i had SENSIBLY been on the diet coke since lunchtime in an effort to sober up a bit) and then the wait to see if people turned up. This time they DID, we had about 35 people in, including Mr Alex Dawson, Mr Dave Dixey, Mrs Angela Cox, Mr Mark Collins and Mr Tom "The Tiger" McClure. Everyone was WELL up for it, and the show was HUGELY enjoyable - if it does turn out to be the last one ever it was a GOOD one to go out on. We did it as well as we ever have, I think, though still had space for some LARKS. I'd wondered what to say when we got to the end about Fufu returning to fight again, but when we got to that bit I said "Fufu will be back to try again... whenever you want him to, on the internet" for LO! we're releasing the VIDEO version at the end of this week. Saying it out loud like that made me realise how glad I am that we're keeping a version of it FOREVER!

We returned to the pub area for some LARFS and CHAT, marred slightly by Steve's coat DISAPPEARING. Someone was seen wandering off with it, too quickly to stop, so it may have been nicked or just taken by mistake (a spare coat was lying around so you never know), but Steve bore up MANFULLY. Other than that there was more DISCUSSION (Mark made an HILARIOUS remark, saying Project G could be titled "Waiting For Ringo" which... er... makes a LOT of sense when you know what it is - honestly, if you see me in a pub, ask me and I'll tell you ALL about it. AT LENGTH) and BEER, culminating in me and Steve wandering home via a traditional last pint in the Firebug.

And that was the show done... in theory, anyway. As we were doing it I thought "this doesn't feel like the last time we'll do this at ALL", but then I realised I thought that during the last show of Moon Horse too! We HAVE applied to do it at a festival of New Musicals during the summer, so you never know, and I have a vague hope that people might BOOK us once the full length album and VIDEO versions come out. I've really enjoyed this show, but must admit that I'm a little disappointed it didn't get the attention/reviews/ALL THE AWARDS that I think it would have deserved, hence I hope there's a little but more to come. If there's not there's not, but I'd like to think Fufu really WILL be back to try again sometime!

posted 25/2/2014 by MJ Hibbett

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