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Blog: Holiday At Home

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This weekend was GORGEOUS round our way - the SUN actually came out and it was LOVELY, so on Sunday The Flats In My Block and i went out for a STROLL.

We live (as i have PROBABLY MENTIONED) in The Olympic Park and when we moved in nearly all of it was closed off, but over the past few months they've gradually opened little bits up. We thus went for a nosey at the building opposite which a) is where they tried to sell us a part-ownership flat about four months ago and b) has only this week opened up for people to move into. Happily we got to PEER up at the (ONLY) flat they would let us buy, and agreed that it looked DEAD MISERABLE, not half as nice as they one we ended up renting. Enlivened by having our decisions RATIFIED we wandered along the road and were ASTOUNDED to find that HUGE LUMPS of the REST of the former Olympic Village have ALSO been opened up!

We're very near to Queen Elizabeth Park, but previously have had about a 25 minute walk all the way round to the other side to get in. On Sunday we discovered that they've opened up the road that goes directly there, lopping off 20 minutes and allow us to have a good old GAWK at the entire other half of the village that we've not seen before. This is the half that features in pretty much all the promotional material, with winding pathways, waterways and general SCENERY, so it was all JOLLY exciting. It turned out that this had all been opened up ready for the opening of the VELODROME, which we then went and had a walk around, PEERING through the windows at that hallowed track that we all spent so many hours GAZING at back in 2012.

It was all a bit overwhelming to be honest - so far we've been drip-fed side-streets and the occasional pavement of new locality, now suddenly not only did we have whole AVENUES and AREAS, but they were like something out of AN DREAM. I mean, I know I live close to the Velodrome, but to actually BE there, looking into it, did my head in!

With all the sunshine and happy people and SCENERY (we walked by the Lee too, it was FAB) it all felt a bit surreal, like we were on holiday... so, like when we're on holiday, we walked home via a supermarket, bought some beer, and came home and had it with our LUNCH. It was bloody brilliant - and at Easter there's a load MORE opening up. I can't wait!

posted 18/3/2014 by MJ Hibbett

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