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Blog: Another Science Show-Off

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Last night I was back in Kings Cross, and also back (at a different venue) at Science Show-Off, this time to see Mr Chris T-T, along with many many other acts.

It was an excellent evening, and (even) more varied than these sort of nights usually are, mixing up comedians, musicians, lecturers (including Jon Ronson! Off the telly!) and even a MAGICIAN. I do like a Magician - it's one of those acts that you don't see very often, probably because it takes so much EFFORT. Any old twit can get up and be a comedian, it takes ZERO work (ZERO), and while you do need to spend a bit of time learning how to play an instrument to do music, you can then pretty much get away with doing songs with only few chords (hem hem) again and again. MAGIC, however, takes PRACTICE and LEARNING so it's no surprise most people go the easier route, but COR when you see somebody doing it it is GRATE!

Apart from the other acts I also very much enjoyed seeing Chris and TALKING SHOP. He's going through very interesting part of his ROCK CAREER at the moment, with his EXCELLENT new album doing Rather Well yet throwing up issues about What To Do Next, and we had a GOOD old chat about it, as well as various other ROCK issues. It's the sort of thing I don't get much chance to talk about as a) there's not many of us over-30 (hem hem agane) TROUBADORS still bobbling around doing a mix of solo and band gigs and also b) it is INTOLERABLY DULL to anyone who isn't doing it.

Also fun was seeing Chris suddenly get THE PANIC when he realised he was playing a Themed Gig - it was fun because it is something that has happened to me SO MANY times that it was nice to know it happens to other people too. As the gig started Mr Steve Cross, compere, explained how it was a themed evening, and as people CLEAVED to the theme I could HEAR Chris's BRANE crunching into gear. "OH NO" said his mighty MIND, "what songs do I have that could remotely be relevant to this?"

When it came to the actual gig he did a MARVELLOUS job, telling stories, remarking upon the circumstances, then seguing elegantly from JOKES to some quite sad songs. I'd spent hours trying to think of a way that "Seven Hearts" could apply to the theme of paranormal activity and/or science, to no avail, so was overjoyed at the end when he did it anyway. That's pretty much my favourite song of his, it was ACE!

posted 19/3/2014 by MJ Hibbett

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