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Blog: Podcasts Ahoy!

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It feels like AGES since I last did a Totally Acoustic Podcast (in fact it was about a YEAR ago, which is pretty much the accurate definition of "AGES"), and so putting a new one together taxed my MIGHT BRANE to its very limits, as I tried to remember the format, when to COMPRESS, when to LIMIT, and what on earth I'm meant to say at the end. Happily I got there eventually, and the fruits of my labours can be found right now over on the Totally Acoustic Podcast Page.

It's a cracking half hour of ROCK featuring Mr Alexander Hale, Mr Pete Green, Mr David Leach and ME. It was lovely to be back doing this kind of thing again, and as ever I was amazed by how GOOD it sounds, just recording on my little four-track. I will definitely definitely be doing a new series later this year!

In the meantime I have ANOTHER podcast for your consideration - it's this week's Newsjack which features an ACTUAL SKETCH written by myself and Mr John Dredge. We are both RATHER EXCITED about the fact that we've finally managed to get a sketch in the show - it's the Cold War Press Conference one, which the writing team on the show have given a bit of a polish to. It came out quite well!

We're already planning NEXT week's sketches, and we'll be trying to get some one-liners in too. Luckily for me I have a whole afternoon in the PUB tomorrow to think of new GAGS - more news on how all that goes on Monday!

posted 28/3/2014 by MJ Hibbett

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