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Blog: All Quiet

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You may have noticed - nay, been LOST because of - a lack of regular updates here of late. This is largely because not a HUGE amount is going on at present, except for a HUGE change to my Working Life. For LO! There has been one!

As regular readers/anyone who has bumped into me lately will know, my contract was supposed to be finishing around now, but what with one thing and another I've got a bit longer to stay here and DO stuff. I thought I'd be finishing either around Easter or early May, with some time off to take before then, but I recently agreed with The Boss to finish earlier, but then come back in every so often between now and July. This was a bit of a relief as it means I get to FINISH the Project I'm working on, rather than NOT doing so, but it did mean that I suddenly found myself NOT working for a couple of days this week i.e. not "working from home" but "not working" AT home!

It was a bit weird. I felt GUILTY watching TELLY, and had to remind myself i was free to do what the heck i LIKED, but still largely sat around the house, in case i needed to DO anything. Next week I'm in for one day, in theory, so I'm going to try and get OUT of this mindset on the other days by - maybe - going for a STROLL at some point and, if I'm feeling brave enough, going to the PICTURES! KRAZY! I've also got a TONNE of Writing Projects (hem hem) to get on with, not least finishing off my final submission for SKOOL, so I guess there'll have to be SOME sitting at home going on, but still: STRANGE TIMES AHEAD!

posted 4/4/2014 by MJ Hibbett

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