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Blog: Patriotism Day

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Yesterday I got myself out and about, getting myself to TWO seperate cultural events based on sometimes difficult relationships with collective pride.

Or to put it another way, I went to see "Captain America 2" and then THE FOOTBALL. I was really looking forward to seeing "Captain America 2" as I'd really enjoyed the first one, and read reviews about how the sequel was Doing Something Different. Unfortunately it seems that that Something Different was Being Slightly Dull. I mean, there was lots of action and explosions, and it was INTERESTING that they were trying to talk about Wikileaks etc etc while simultaneously managing to get Armin Zola into a massive blockbuster, but to be honest I found myself looking at my watch at regular intervals, wandering how much longer it'd be going on for. I think it was probably the lack of JOKES that did it for me. Still, it was nice that they did at least THINK about the idea of a massively powerful military (in exactly the way that the Superman film didn't), and it WAS dead exciting to watch the trailers beforehand and realise there are THREE more Marvel films coming this summer. Guardians Of The Galaxy certainly looks like it WILL have some gags!

Not long after returning from the pictures I headed off to Peterborough to meet the esteemed Mr CM Smith to go to the FOOTBALL. I'd read an interview with Mr D MacAnthony, OWNER of Posh where he'd said he was upset because hardly anybody had turned up for the first home game after the Wembley game. I felt BAD, so rang Chris to see if he fancied going, and he DID. He then rang back to say we could get in for a FIVER if we took our Wembley tickets! Hoorah!

I arrived at half past six to find Peterborough SHUT. It was WEIRD - i know I live in That London where things are open all the time, and indeed next door to a Shopping Centre, but it was still WEIRD to find everything comprehensively CLOSED - you couldn't even WALK through Queensgate (Peterborough's big shopping centre) at that time of day. Luckily Charters, aka "The Boat Place", was open, so we had a pint of delicious local Oakham Ales JHB before heading over to the game.

And it was QUITE GOOD. I mean, I generally enjoy going ANYWAY. As I've said before, London Road is pretty much the only place that is still there/accessible from my childhood, and the SMELL of the muddy pitch is strangely reassuring, although they HAVE knocked down one end of the ground in order to rebuild it. The game had LONGEURS when it returned to the kind of running and kicking that I remember from MANY DECADES of Posh, but there were also spots of Actual Football and EXCITEMENT, and most of all a whole lot of TRYING all the time, something which i LIKE a LOT.

For some reason my main memory of the evening is Gillingham bringing on Adebayo Akinfenwa who was GIGANTIC. Apparently he is "the strongest footballer ever" and he is ENORMOUS. Every time the ball went near him the whole crowd GIGGLED NERVOUSLY, like he was a cross between a CGI GIANT and a Big Boy who had decided to join in with a game being played by THE CUBS. Mr P Myland has since pointed out that Gillingham's LURID PINK away kit also made him look like Mr Greedy!

We won 2-0 in the end, which was FAIR and hopefully adds to Posh's chances of getting to the play-offs. I walked back to the station through a Peterborough city centre that was not only CLOSED but also SWITCHED OFF. I know it was only a Tuesday night, but it still felt weird to find NOWHERE open and most of the lights off! Still, it was a DELIGHTFUL evening out topping a rather fun day. I hope I get to do this quite a LOT now I am a Gentleman Of Leisure!

posted 9/4/2014 by MJ Hibbett

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