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I've just got back from the (exciting, recently opened, new) post box down the road, where I was posting some INVITES. Next month (June 25th, to be exact) we're having the Showcase Evening for my MA. There's going to be 14 excerpts from our final scripts, and the idea is that we invite Industry Types along to see it and EITHER offer us huge wads of CA$H, contracts and GLOBAL FAME... OR say "that was very nice well done everybody" and drink some FREE WINE. Either is fine.

The only difficulty I'm finding with this is that I don't KNOW many people who work in the TV industry. In fact I know TWO, both of whom have invites in the post. The rest are a) some people I've hassled in the past who have been nice enough to reply b) the producers of Newsjack c) the producers of some shows I like. I think that's the general idea, but it does strike me that there MIGHT be people reading this who either ARE linked to the world of TV (or radio or theatre or film or games or comics) and would like to come along or who KNOW someone similar. I know SOME people read this blog but I don't know WHO, so if you're now thinking "I would be up for FREE BOOZE and/or know somebody else who might" then do please let me know otherwise there's going to be loads of FREE BOOZE leftover at the end of the evening and... well, actually, that wouldn't be all bad would it? Every cloud!

posted 29/5/2014 by MJ Hibbett

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