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Blog: The Missing Gig

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SPOILERS: if all this sounds familiar, see the UPDATE at the end!
I was doing a bit of SITE ADMIN the other day and noticed on the Gigs Page that our gig at the Cookie the other week didn't have a blog attached to it. This was WEIRD as I'm SURE that I'd written one, but it seems to have disappeared now. How odd.

I hate to have a gap like that, so here's a precis of what happened: And that's what happened - maybe I should do all gig reports like this in future!

UPDATE: following the very helpful comments by Mr Dave B (below) I eventually worked out that my service provider must have re-installed an old version of HIBBFACT 2000 - the mighty database that powers this site - without telling me, so that I lost a couple of blog entries. Half an hour's googling and use of SQL Magic and it all seems to be back now, but I thought I'd leave this description here in case anyone wishes to compare and contrast it to the original version.

posted 7/8/2014 by MJ Hibbett

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You definitely wrote it Mark, I remember reading the bit about not getting paid. Your "Dur Brain Day" post disappeared too, Google's cache remembers it if you search for "right old dur brain site:". What's going on? Government censorship?! I suggest checking for black helicopters and ensuring that your tinfoil hat is correctly adjusted. :)
posted 7/8/2014 by Dave B

Thank you sir, it looks like the server provider re-installed an old version of the database without me noticing. All fixed now, thanks very much indeed!
posted 7/8/2014 by MJ Hibbett

Thanks Mark, glad to help.
posted 8/8/2014 by Dave B

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