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Blog: His Exciting Life In Rock

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I was back in London Town last night for a SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT, meeting The Hewitts for drinks, dinner and a show. POSH eh?

The show was "I Formed A Band", a one-man show starring Mr E Argos telling some of the stories of his life in ROCK. A number of people had commented to me that this was similar sounding to My Exciting Life In ROCK and OF COURSE they are right - I, after all, INVENTED biographical storytelling!

When we got to the Hen & Chickens where the show was happening we met a LOT of chums who had come to see him, many of whom turned out to be IN the stories. The show itself was GRATE - he is an extremely personable young man and has a lovely WAY about him, so the 45 minutes FLEW by. As Steve said later, it was basically a slightly longer than usual INTRO to the song "Formed A Band", as he was telling the story of how he got to the point of singing that song for the first time. It was really well done, almost as if he has some experience in talking to audiences!

It wasn't perfect but CRIKEY for a first ever show it was pretty bloody GRATE. I don't know if there's plans for him to take it to Edinburgh but I hope he does - the more ROCK people there are up there the pleasanter it is!

posted 23/10/2014 by MJ Hibbett

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