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I've had a couple of incidents so far this week which, if I was slightly older/even more infirm, would have a concerned Social Worker making calls around the local social housing agencies.

The first was on Sunday when I had a bit of a FALL. I was on my way to the swimming pool when I was distracted by a piece of Interesting Roof. Stratford International train station has a large AWNING which stretches out over the adjoining road, almost reaching the awning that comes out of the associated DLR station. The gap is covered by a small square piece of roofing which, I realised, was there to enable people to squeeze drily between the two stations when it was raining. Unfortunately, just as I was being PLEASED by this, I was also crossing the area where the slope towards our house turns into STEPS and gently blends into the station forecourt at a not quite normal angle (it is a DEATH TRAP) and so TRIPPED over, sending me flummoxing forward. In these situations the BRANE does a super speedy risk assessment, and thought "One knee is definitely going down HARD, that's a write-off, but if we adjust the fall and put our hands out we should be able to get away without a twisted ankle".

It thus could all have been a lot worse but CRIKEY it didn't HALF hurt and shook me RIGHT up. You know when small children fall over, pause a moment, and then SCREAM with tears? That's exactly how I felt. Unfortunately there were a couple of other people around who asked if I was OK, so I had to say "Yes thank you, all fine" when what I really wanted to do was sit on the floor and CRY and be a bit sick.

I BRAVELY staggered on to the swimming pool, only to find that it was peak time so my off-peak pass wouldn't work, and so had to hobble back home un-swam. It was all a bit upsetting, but as time has worn on I've been rewarded for my IMMENSE BRAVERY with a COLOSSAL BRUISE. It's brilliant! I feel like a 7 year old boy with a scabby knee, as I want to keep LOOKING at it and, if possible, SHOWING it to people - my whole right knee has basically gone black and swollen to TWICE it's size. I've just had another look at it - it's better than telly!

The second incident happened yesterday, on Monday night. I'd just finished another rehearsal with Mr S Hewitt, where we'd tried out a NEW PROP, agreed on the PLAN for the next few weeks and generally ENJOYED the show (although it still feels disarmingly straightforward - it can't be THIS easy, surely?), and as we headed back towards Tottenham Hale station I saw my TRANE leaving the platform. It was a bit annoying as they only go from Tottenham Hale to Stratford every half hour, but when I got to the platform itself the Stansted Express had just arrived. This is a quick-ish train which goes direct to Liverpool Street and so, I reasoned, if I hopped on this I could then get a train from there back to Stratford. It would take quite a bit longer than the direct train BUT would involve less hanging around outside so would, overall, be a) a bit quicker b) a lot warmer than waiting around here.

I got to Liverpool Street and as I stepped off saw another train about to leave on the other side of the platform. I often catch a train from there and there's always LOADS going to Stratford, so I stepped across, hopped on, and was soon heading EAST again. We soon stopped at Bethnal Green, which was odd as Stratford's usually the first stop. Gradually I realised that I had in fact got on the WRONG TRAIN. It turns out that NOT all trains go to MY HOUSE and so I got off at the next station and checked my options. Walk to a near-ish tube station? Get a bus? Find a taxi? LONDON PANIC!

In the end I decided the easiest/least risky thing to do would be to just get the next train BACK to Liverpool Street and try again. This I did and ended up getting home only about 10 minutes later than I would have done if i'd just WAITED, a slightly older and WISER Hibbett who next train won't just assume that ALL the trains are for ME.

It's been a worrying couple of days, but I'm sure everything'll be all right from now on. Anyway, must dash - before I get out my Sholly to do my shopping I've got someone at the door who wants to tarmac my drive and then I'm using an old step-ladder to put a new light fitting in!

posted 18/11/2014 by MJ Hibbett

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