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Blog: A Band Reunion

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Yesterday afternoon I set off for DERBY for the first Validators practice of 2015. We had a list of new songs to try out ready for the second half of album recordings, and I was very much looking forward to seeing everyone again. I was expecting good times but I wasn't expecting the Indie Story Of The Year to break while I was on the train.

For LO! the news is out that PROLAPSE are reforming for some gigs in May! This was a HUGE relief to me as Tim told us about it back in October after the last recording session, and ever since I have been on the verge of EXPLODING with the effort of not telling people about it. It's also, OBVS, great news as Prolapse were one of my favourite ever bands and definitely one of the BEST live bands I've ever seen. They were very much a pre-internet band too (tho they did have a webpage, set up by ME to start with!) so it'll be interesting to see how it all goes now people can TWEET about them and so forth, tho OBVS (again) it's going to be a bit troublesome googling them!

Remarks such as the latter, and many many more, were heard APLENTY during our practice that evening. It turns out that yet another GRATE thing about Prolapse reforming is that there are HUNDREDS of HILARIOUS remarks that we can make to Tim again, as well as a whole heap of new ones. I don't think Tim minded the fact that me, Frankie and The Tiger spent so longer LARFING about that fact that all the songs will be a bit slower this time, or that he'll have to fight NOT to keep doing stops in all the songs, or get confused about using so many drum patterns that he's re-used for our songs or... well, you get the picture. We're all EXTREMELY happy for him, it's going to be FANTASTIC for him to play some proper big gigs again, and maybe even get paid for a change too!

Aside from all the HILARITY and HAPPINESS we also managed to find time to try out some songs. We ran through "The Future Is Amazing", "Get Over It", "In The North Stand" and "Can We Be Friends", all of which sounded PRETTY DARN GOOD. I wasn't sure about whether we should do "Can We Be Friends" or not, but once we'd PEPPED it up a bit it sounded like a HIT, which is of course the SOLE CONDITION for any song being allowed to be on the next album.

We had a bit of discussion of the album title too, with Frankie (as per) coming up with something which I think will be close to the Actual Title, but ALAS there wasn't time for chat AFTER as I had to dash off down the road and catch the last train home. There'll be plentiful opportunities for further rumination - it's not like there's a rush to get the album finished, and after all, certain members of the group have other ROCK ACTIONS to worry about!

posted 8/1/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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Rock Action you say? Such a tease
posted 8/1/2015 by Frankie

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