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Monday evening saw me sat on the train to Tottenham Hale CRAMMING like a 50's schoolboy, for LO! I was on the way to a Hey Hey 16K practice and hadn't QUITE done all my homework. CRIPES!

As it turned out I'd remembered the EXERCISE slightly wrong and, actually, HAD done the required amount of line-learning. PHEW and also WOT A SWOT. As discussed previously, we've divided the script up into four segments and on Monday we were doing section TWO which I thought INCLUDED the "Dad Jokes" section but, in fact, did not. What a thrilling insight into the process this is, right kids?

Last week I was able to show Steve the BADGES and also a new PROP. This time I didn't have any badges but DID have another EVEN MORE thrilling prop which I shall not describe here in order to maintain the surprise should you see it in a show. Suffice to say I was only able to demonstrate it briefly before knocking over half the studio drumkit. Another prop which i CAN tell you about, however, was Steve's HIBBETT WIG which turned him into an alarmingly accurate copy of me aged 15. Well, me aged 15 if I'd had a big ginger beard anyway.

The rehearsal itself went really well, with us discovering again that rehearsing small SECTIONS of the show, and going back and doing them AGAIN until you get them right, actually WORKS as a way of getting it learned. All those years spent doing the whole thing from start to finish once a week and then wondering why it took so long to learn - if only we'd known there was another way! I just hope that our Amazing Discovery is a help the THE ARTS in future!

posted 14/1/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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