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I had a very very busy day full of MEETINGS on Wednesday. It all started at noon with my usual weekly LUNCH with Mr J Dredge. This week we spent a while saying "HOORAH for US!" with regards to all the competitions we'd entered and views we'd generated for The Job Interview but the bulk of our time was taken up with filling in an interview/questionnaire that I think was meant to be asking Searching Questions about John's views on The Comedy, but which ended up being mostly about Bananarama.

We finished with a FLOURISH of FUTURE PLANS and then I strode off to my next meeting, going for a Posh Coffee with a nice chap from an Advertising Agency who wanted to talk about A Project. I can't say much about it - mostly because I don't KNOW much about it - but it was all very interesting, and I got to say things like "narrative" and "character development" as well as getting a free coffee, so WINZ.

Amazingly, in all the time I've been "freelance"/"unemployed" I have NEVER gone to the pub on my own in the afternoon just for a PINT. I decided to set this right by popping into the King & Queen for a quick one, but slightly spoiled the LOUCHENESS of it all by doing a bit of ADMIN i.e. checking that next month's Totally Acoustic is all set. It was!

As I sat enjoying my beer it occurred to me that it was nearly three HOURS until my next meeting. I'd planned to sit around in cafes or something, but I'd already HAD two coffees and also a BEER, so more consumption would lead to at LEAST needing a wee a lot and at WORSE some form of horrible DISASTER, so I checked to see if there was anything on at the PICTURES. The only film I could find starting at roughly the right time in roughly the right place was "The Imitation Game" at the Vue in Islington. It's not the sort of JUNK FOOD film I usually go to in these situations, but I thought it would at least pass the time.

CRIKEY! DId it EVER! It was BLOODY BRILLIANT - surprisingly funny and VERY moving and all round ace. By the end I was Emotionally Drained, so had to OFFLOAD a bit at the start of my NEXT meeting with Ms E Morgan. We were there to discuss the Sitcom Spec Scripts we're both working on, and soon DID. It was all GRATE although I do always worry that I'm telling people off a lot when we do this sort of thing!

With that done it was time for the FINAL meeting of the day, with the Lost City Writers' Group i.e. chums from college. This was the FOURTH time we'd got together but oddly the FIRST time we'd done what Writers' Groups are MEANT to do i.e. READ stuff. Previously we've been catchng up and planning the forthcoming Sexy Sevens show at the Etcetera Theatre so it was GRATE to get down to reading some actual scripts. Part of the way through we read MY bit of the show, which is called "The Invention Of Sex" and I was RELIEVED to find it got LARFS. Phew!

With all that done there was time for a second Delightful Pint of the day over the road before heading home. It had been an EXCELLENT day, but it's quite nice today to NOT be doing quite so much meeting!

posted 15/1/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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