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Blog: What Day Is It?

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One of the most ONEROUS tasks of any visit to the Edinburgh Fringe is Knowing What Day It Is. This may seem foolish, but after a week of constant BEER and CURRY and SHOWING OFF it all gets a little bit confusing, so Steve and I agreed that it should be a proper JOB for someone. Obviously it's a BIG job so we further agreed that the responsibility should alternate from year to year, and this time it is MY job.

It's Tuesday.

Phew! To be honest it's been quite easy so far as I am VERY aware of precisely how close it's getting to Actually Going To Edinburgh. Tomorrow (which will be Wednesday - appreciate my SKILLZ!) is general packing and panicking today, and then on Thursday we meet at St Pancras and, after MONTHS of preparation, Hey Hey 16K heads NORTH! It hardly seems possible that this time next week we'll be in full swing, with shows behind us and more ahead, favourite pubs visited, PALS bumped into in the street, our Edinburgh flat gotten used to, and (most likely) missing home already.

These last few days before heading off always feel a bit CHRISTMASSY, in that I'm pretty sure I've got everything ready but have a still small voice at the back of my head whispering "PANIC! PANIC!" General excitement is helped along by all the people on my twitter feed heading off already, tweeting pictures of the view from the TRANE. It's also very much like the day before the last day at WORK, in that I've pretty much finished everything I need to do before I go, and am scraping around for odd jobs before I begin my holiday of BOOZE.

I'm taking my laptop with me this time and I'm hoping to be BLOGGING a bit, but if you'd really like to know what's going on the best way to find out would be to come. Go on, pop to Scotland, it'll be lovely - and if you do, come and say hello. I know some GRATE pubs!

posted 4/8/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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