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Blog: Day Two

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Our second day got off to a gentle start, with us finally getting ourselves into town about 2pm. We tried a new method of travel this time - just getting the bus HALFWAY, as far as the end of Princess Street. This left us with a way to walk but did at least cut out the HALF HOUR of sitting in traffic as we crawled through town, so seemed to work out.

Our first appointment was to see "Gamer Gamer", a show where comedians talk about video gaming. It was a lot of fun, although I did feel INNER RAGE when one of the comedians slagged off Sonic The Hedgehog for having crap graphics - kids today, they don't know they're born! We (by which I mean Steve) DID however get to do some highly effective flyering outside after!

That done we went and sat in the PUB for a bit (watching some football, it was nice) before heading over to Sneaky Pete's for show TWO. This one was a LOT less nervy, helped by having a pile of CHUMS in again and also by standing on the correct SIDES. Delightfully, Steve pointed out that he'd seen one of our other attendees earlier on and thought "Target audience!" but hadn't been able to flyer him in time, so was overjoyed to see he'd come ANYWAY.

Indeed, this young man was half of TWO young men who asked us to do an INTERVIEW afterwards, which Steve and I duly did in an ALLEY beside the venue - so PUNK! I also did a quick version of 20 Things To Do Before You're 30 for them. I think it's going to be on Broadway Baby, but I'm not entirely sure.

That done it was back to Bannermans where we joined Ms J Gilroy, Mr J Osbourne, Mr K Foster and Mr T Diffenthal, the previously mentione CHUMS. Steve and Jenny went off for more shows, then the rest of us went for NOODLES, where we were joined by Mr R Auton. It was odd sitting down to tea with two people who did my favourite show of 2013 and also two people whose shows are VERY MUCH on my list to go and see this time, but it was all MOST pleasant.

I guess I could have carried on CAROUSING but once we'd dined I decided to head home - it's been a LOT of Fringe so far and I had laundry, dishwashing, admin and of course BLOGGING to do. As I type this it's just gone midnight and we're almost into Day Three - only 13 shows to go!

posted 12/8/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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