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Blog: We Got A Review!

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Friday at The Fringe started well, for LO! we got a REVIEW!

Obviously we care LITTLE for such things etc etc etc but it was nice to see someone enjoying it, especially as they got so much RIGHT about it. "Jukebox Musical" - IT'S A FAIR COP. Having said that, I did think it was funny that the Ada Lovelace bit, which she suspects was "shoe-horned in " is one of the few bits that actually wasn't!

The day continued GLAMOROUSLY with us and the Hewitts watching "Yes Prime Minister" and only JUST managing to drag ourselves away before a double bill of "Allo Allo" could detain us further. The Shows On My Schedule and I set off in TIPPING RAIN so got a TAXI to see David Tsonos (who was good) and Rob Auton (who was BRILLIANT) before heading to The Albanach where we met The Hewitts - who'd've ever guessed any of us would be there? Again?

With our other halves going to see another show Steve and I headed off to do OURS, and it was GRATE again, although one incident does stand out: nearly every day, before the show starts, an AMBULANCE goes past with siren blaring. Every day I think "If that happens during the show I have something ACE to say!" On Friday it DID happen, just as we were finishing a song, so I paused... and then STEVE said "He won't sell many ice creams going at that speed." I was FURIOUS!

There were more pals amongst us, and said pals regrouped in The Albanach later with MY PARENTS for a very delightful evening of LARKS and DRINKS which went on for the whole rest of the night. Who needs SHOWS when you've got CHUMS eh?

posted 18/8/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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