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Blog: Shoes Day

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Saturday was a day of SHOES, and not just because there was a lot of STOMPING about. It began with seeing "Card Ninja", a show where a man threw cards around. It was GRATE - he did all sorts of SKILLZ and also GAGS, it made me think EVEN LESS of comedians who just try and talk to the audience and then make remarks. Comedians! Learn some SKILLZ!

Next we went to see a comedian who ... well, did that, but was FINE. He was on in Cowgatehead, scene of MANY ructions and disputes between different Free Fringe organisations. It was actually a pretty good place to use for shows, but CRIKEY somebody really needs to sort out some SIGNAGE. It was full of people wandering around without a CLUE as to where they were. Also, someone put their SHOES on my coat, i was MIFFED!

Edinburgh, by the way was PACKED with people - it's almost as if it was a Saturday when it wasn't raining, as EVERYONE was out and about on the streets. This meant the shows we'd seen were really full, though in both cases The Bums On My Seats and I managed to LUCK OUT and find two seats together when everyone else was crowding round the back. HA!

Other, sensible, people with shows on would be PLEASED at the idea of there being loads of people round looking for shows to see, but I was PANICKING, convinced we'd get a room full of rowdy stag dos and/or people just chatting loudly expecting Stand Up rather than our ART. As it turned out we did end up having a LOT of people in, including PARENTS and... it was lovely! I'd worried that some people sat at the front had put their shoes up on stage, like they were CLAIMING it, but it turned out that they were just RELAXING and DELIGHTFUL, which is pretty much how the show went too. Hoorah!

That done we went our various ways, with The Money In My Bucket and I going to see a show called "ONEymoon", about a woman marrying herself. It was all right - you could have done most of it in a ten minute sketch, but there WAS a tap dancing finale (SHOES) and there was an AMAZING bit where she got some guy out of the audience hem hem and asked him to be the Celebrant. Who was this YOUNG man who seemed to be perfectly happy on stage? I cannot say but I predict MORE shows for him in future, possibly at 6:15pm for the rest of this week.

After all that we regrouped EN MASSE back at The Albanach, where we seem to be going most every night at the moment, for slightly more PINTZ than expected. It feels very MUCH like we're on the downhill slope of the Fringe now, and it's all the more fun for it!

posted 19/8/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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They've got 3 pumps on the end of the bar - IPA was my choice! Haven't been in The Worlds End, will have a go!
posted 19/8/2015 by MJ Hibbett

pints of what? pints of single malt? I didn't see any proper beer in the Albanach did I miss it? I enjoyed the Worlds End, further down that same road.
posted 19/8/2015 by Pauly

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