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Wednesday morning found Steve and I rising at an UNGODLY hour so we could leave the house at 11:45am to catch a bus. That's basically still night-time, right? We were headed for Leith to do an interview for Shore Radio and, on the way, were reminded once again that people round here are NICE. The man in front of us had overheard us saying what stop we needed, so a couple of minutes before we got there he turned round and alerted us that it was the next stop. He then got slightly embarrassed and moved away.

The station had sent us some BRILLIANT directions, ending with "It's behind the Dockers' Social Club, top floor" which indeed is where it was. We stood and listened to the interviewees before us - some EXTREMELY posh and confident young men who DELIGHTED us - and then went in for a HUGELY enjoyable 15 minutes of chat. I knew it was going to be fun when Mr Ewan Spence, host, came out to greet us wearing an old Need To Know t-shirt, and my suspicions were confirmed when he asked about a) the Blinovitch Limitation Effect and b) what REALLY happens when you get to the end of Jetpac. It was GRATE, and you can listen for yourself on the Edinburgh Fringe podcast site.

With that done I headed home as I had some more WRIIITING to do, and also some GOOGLING of "Hey Hey 16K" (last 24 hours). I've been doing this every day to monitor our MEDIA PRESENCE - usually nothing much comes up, so I was surprised/delighted to find that we'd had a review in Broadway Baby. The first time I read it I was ENRAGED - there totally ARE 20 things in 20 Things To Do Before You're 30 and how can anyone not be aware of what D:Ream sound like?!? They were played all the time in 1997 and that's... oh. Right. However, on re-reading it I realised it's quite nice - though I doubt that will stop Steve and I RAILING against the "not 20 things" accusation!

The above mentioned RAILING was part of a very enjoyable show that evening, which was followed by some very enjoyable drinks and then a trip to Sweet Grassmarket, where I discovered that The International Hotel (which that particular venue lives in) is an OASIS of CALM. I met with Mr F Wadsworth to go and see "Matt Abbot Is Skint And Demoralised", and it was EXCELLENT - funny and moving and all round GRATE!

On Thursday morning I went to see MORE Spoken Word as I finally managed to get out of bed in time to see John Osbourne's show. It also was funny and moving and all round GRATE, so much so that I done bought a BOOK. It's funny, I seem to have enjoyed spoken word MUCH more than anything else this Fringe - perhaps that is something to think about for... THE FUTURE!

I'd been joined by Steve for the show, fresh from dropping Mrs Hewitt off at the station, and after walking into town we briefly divided forces - him to go flyering, me to pop to the comic shop and then to fail to make it in time to see a show about Ada Lovelace. We regrouped in the Pleasance Courtyard, where I queued up to see "Bat-Fan" and he flyered the queue of people waiting to see "Bat-Fan", using the fact that I'd bought a ticket as evidence that it would be suitable viewing for others who'd done the same - this seemed to work, as I'm sure I recognised people from the queue later on at our show!

"Bat-Fan" itself was BRILLIANT - full of SONGS and JOKES and above all ENTIRELY ACCURATE with regards to Batman history. I was really impressed, it was one of the most fun things I'd seen all fortnight.

I zoomed home again for GEAR and then STOMPED back to town for show time, and WHAT a show it was. We had probably our biggest audience of the whole run so far and they LARFED throughout - even at things that nobody had laughed at before! It was HUGELY enjoyable, and Steve and I celebrated by staying in the venue and watching "Anecdotes In The UK", the show after us. We'd been chatting to Steffan and Phil, the two stand-ups who were in it, every day when we finished, and they seemed so nice that we ought to give them a go. I'm glad we did, as it was GRATE - they were both really funny and engaging, it was ACE!

Thus it was that, after a quick visit to the Bow Bar, I returned to the flat very happy indeed - I'd done a good show, SEEN three brilliant shows, and only had three sleeps to go until I could head home to my own bed. WINZ!

posted 21/8/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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