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Blog: Return To Camden

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This weekend found Steve and I back in Camden. It's an area of London I don't particularly like very much but it DOES contain something I enjoy very much - the Camden Fringe, for which marvelous organisation we there to do our traditional post-Edinburgh lap of honour of two more performances of Hey Hey 16K at The Camden Head. Here is the executive summary: it went quite well.

Friday night got off to a good start with various delightful people turning up, and us playing the ever popular game of "Who's here for our show?" I spotted a man in a ZX Spectrum jumper who I correctly guessed was one of ours, but then later spotted Ms A Nunn in a "Your Sinclair" t-shirt and assumed she was coming as well. It turned out that she'd just so happened to wear it that day but, as she is so POLITE, decided to come and see the show anyway. Hoorah!

It was a GRATE crowd who were so VAST that we had to put some extra chairs out! It included some people from Peterborough, so for the first time EVER there was a CHEER when that city was mentioned, and somebody SQUEALED with excitement when I said "Stamford". It was also an audience containing people who a) were very familiar with ZX Spectrums but b) had never heard the song "Hey Hey 16K" before. I can always spot them because they laugh at the "R:Tape Loading Error" bit!

It was a lot of fun to do, but it all felt a bit quiet - maybe this was because I was only just emerging from POORLINESS, but I resolved to be LOUDER the next day. Come Saturday we both WERE louder, possibly because we were playing up to THE CAMERA, as we were filming it for our traditional Record Of Events, ready for if we ever need to re-learn it. It wasn't as big a crowd but they were just as lovely, and it was a very enjoyable one to - for now - go out on.

I say "for now" because we had a DEBRIEF afterwards during which Mr Hewitt and I agreed to see if we could book a few more shows. It's SUCH a delightful 50 minutes to perform that I feel it would be a terrible shame not to do it a bit more, especially now that we've nearly learnt it!

With that done we gathered our Significant Others and went over the road to fulfil another tradition - the end of run curry at Maharani. It was BRILLIANT!

posted 1/9/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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