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Blog: The Dredge/Hibbett Facebook Conunundrum

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Today Mr John Dredge and I are launching the latest facet of our mighty collaboration - it's The Dredge/Hibbett Conunundrum Facebook Channel!

The idea is that this'll be the central point for all our new videos as they come out, along with a regular supply of the OLD ones what we've already done. We're planning to release something new every week and we've already got five weeks worth of stuff in the bank ready to roll out, with a bunch of other stuff to be filmed soon. This is basically what I've been up to in all those filming blogs over the past couple of months, storing up HILARITY ready to UNLEASH it this month, once John had finished his latest series of excellent podcasts and Steve and I had got back from doing Hey Hey 16K in Edinburgh.

The first new video on the channel is one of my favourites - The Shoe Shop Guys!

This is also available on our YouTube channel, but it's the Facebook Channel that we'll be concentrating on for updates and so forth. As I say there's a TONNE more stuff to come over the next couple of months, so stay tuned for DELIGHT!

posted 7/9/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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