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Blog: Ada Lovelace

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We interrupt our planned broadcast ("What I Did On My Holidays Part 2: More Beer") to bring you an exciting EXCERPT from that there Hey Hey 16K musical that I have been going on about so much. It's a video featuring Steve and I performing our potted biography of Ada Lovelace, THUS:

Believe it or not, that's actually me and Steve in wigs, and NOT vintage footage of Actual Ada Lovelace and Actual Charles Babbage! AMAZING but true! We've put it out today (Thursday) because there's a documentary on telly tonight which "tells the story of Ada's remarkable life" and takes an HOUR to do so. It was INDEED a remarkable life but, I thought, one which you can tell perfectly well in just over 2 minutes and STILL have time for some interpretive dance.

I imagine BBC4 will get slightly more viewers than we do, but still, here's our go. We hope you enjoy it - especially the DANCE!

posted 17/9/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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