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Blog: The History of The World in 2,786,402 Items

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As threatened last week, Mr John Dredge and I are today unleashing another new video onto our Facebook channel, the first in a THRILLING new series entitled "The History of The World in 2,786,402 Items". This episode looks at that important historical item, The Five Pound Note, and you can also view it on YouTube, THUS:

This is actually the PILOT episode - we start filming the rest of the series this weekend in fact - and as such we have entered it into the Raindance Dailymotion Web Pilot Competition. It's one of those competitions where people vote for their favourites i.e. everyone SPAMS their chums and says "VOTE VOTE VOTE!" You may notice from the current results that some people have very clearly done exactly this and, while I would of course never dream of trying to rig a competition in a similar way, I WOULD be very grateful if you could VOTE VOTE VOTE and let us win! You can do so by going here and VOTING VOTING VOTING!

VOTE! Please!

posted 18/9/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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