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Blog: The Wedding Singer

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On Saturday The Trains On My Rails and I were out and about AGANE, this time heading to BRISTOL for the wedding reception of Markie and Vinnie, where I was due to perform a SET.

During the course of the day several people asked if we were staying at The Ibis, almost as if I have gone out about it or something, but as the two of us were going rather than just me we decided to take a step up in the world and booked The Holiday Inn. It was Quite Swanky - we were on the top floor, with a BALCONY!

The DO was happening at The Cube and was EXCELLENTLY signposted, and we arrived to find a venue THROBBING with delightful people, not just the bride and groom but also Mr G Osborn and Mr John Hare, the whole band Bodyheat (also playing), a large slice of The Sheffields, and a whole BUNCH of chums. It was lovely!

Things kicked off with a FILM - this had been a BIG MYSTERY as nobody knew what we'd be watching, but it turned out to be "A Mighty Wind" which was GRATE because a) I'd never seen it b) it was VERY good and also c) IDEAL for being watched by a large group of people who had been involved with BANDS for a long long time. I guess there may usually be MORE LARFS tho, as most audiences wouldn't see it as an ACTUAL documentary!

We then had a BUFFET (done by Gopal's of Indietracks fame!) and some BOOZE and CHAT then filed back to see Gav and John do an EXCELLENT set. When they'd finished I thought "I wonder when I'm on then?" and discovered I was on RIGHT NOW as Vinnie's brother Luke, Master Of Ceremonies, announced me. I DASHED on and did a set which, perhaps fooolishly, had (You Make Me Feel) Soft Rock near the start so I got a bit CROAKY with ROCKING OUT. It was all fine apart from that, although I DID have to spend large parts of the rest of the evening RESTRAINING myself from SHOWING OFF. "Yes," I said to myself, "I *have* done a gig this evening, but that is NOT what the whole evening is about - don't start swanning around!"

For LO! what the whole evening was about was The Bride And Groom who made LOVELY speeches, also SONGS and there was much EMOTIONS. Luckily Bodyheat were on hand to ROCK OUT afterwards and they were GRATE, and attracted a crowd of DANCERS (hem hem) who definitely WANTED to get up and dance around and were not just forced to do so by Mr David Leach GRABBING people and making us do it.

The evening gently closed with a DISCO during which I was DELIGHTED that The Songs On My Playlist got the chance to experience some PROPER indie dancing to "Where's Me Jumper?" We said our goodbyes and strolled out, having had a LOVELY evening, only to be PIPPED by a passing car. As it passed we looked round and saw Mr John Hare leaning out of the OsbornMobile holding up not one but TWO bottles of beer - it was THE PARTY CAR!

posted 29/9/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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