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Blog: An Intellectual Weekend

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I had a right old weekend of BRANE FLEXING this weekend, full of culture and THORTS.

It began on Friday evening, when The Artefacts In My Exhibition and I went to see The Museum Is Where The People Are, an event run by UCL in The Olympic Park which was a) interacting with residents b) showing off some stuff they had in their collections and c) saying "Hey everyone! Did you know we have three museums open to the public? We totally do!"

It was rather good - we had a beer, heard a choir, looked at some things and The Words In My Conversation grabbed a passing Art Geek and got him to explain a PRINT to us, during which he told us about these three museums they have. It was a MOST pleasant, also ARTY, way to kick off a Friday evening which, for us, continued with TEA out and some beer. Hoorah!

The next day I was off to my old stomping/working ground of Birkbeck College, to attend Transitions 6, a one-day conference about COMICS. As mentioned previously, I'm due to start a PhD in COMICS this time next year, so Professor R Sabin, supervisor and all-round good guy, suggested i go to this. I must admit before I went I was thinking "I wish I could just stay home, I am ker-knackered" but actually it was GRATE. I've been to LOTS of conferences and they have usually been DREARY but this was really really interesting. The keynote was about British Girls' Comics and was BRILLIANT, then I saw a whole heap of DISCUSSIONS and THORTS, throughout which i found myself thinking "Hang on, I know what they're on about here AND I have opinions about it!"

In the middle of the conference I popped out for LUNCHEON with Mr J Dredge, where we discussed filming the FINAL video in this series of The Dredge/Hibbett Conunundrum (more news on that tomorrow!) and had some ideas about what to do NEXT. We then popped round for a quick look at The Cartoon Museum (because I'd not looked at ENOUGH comics that day) before I went off to fulfill an ERRAND.

For LO! It is Totally Acoustic on Thursday so I needed to nip to The King & Queen to drop off some posters. I bloody love that place - it's a PROPER PUB! I had a quick pint while I was there and marveled at the mix of people and the way everybody was happily co-existing in a unique, friendly environment - just like pubs SHOULD be. I wish I could go in there more often, it's lovely!

And then it was back for the second half of the conference. As I say, I'd started the day wishing I could have stayed at home but by the end I was SO glad I'd gone - it had reminded me that I AM going to be doing this crazy PhD thing and how much FUN it has the potential to be. On cold days when I'm having to get up early for WORK that's something to very much look forward to!

posted 2/11/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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posted 2/11/2015 by Dick Perkins

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