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Blog: No Spoilers

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Myself and The Force In My Universe went to see STAR WARS last night, and it was GRATE. Don't worry though, there will be No Spoilers here.

For LO! I got to see the film with pretty much NO CLUE what was going to happen, and it was AMAZING. Usually when i go to the pictures I have a pretty good idea what it's all going to be about, either from reviews or synopses or trailers, but this time I really didn't, and it made watching it MUCH more exciting. I mean, it's PRETTY DARN EXCITING anyway but when you haven't got the foggiest what's coming next it's even more so.

And it's pretty flipping incredible that that WAS the case - this is probably going to be the biggest film EVER so I would have expected SOME of the plot to have leaked out. I wasn't especially avoiding the internet and I know lots of people who'd seen it before me, so it was mostly down to everyone who'd already had the experience of seeing it unspoilered wanting to save that experience for everyone ELSE too. This, I feel, is a slightly beautiful thing.

As we left the cinema - we saw it at the IMAX at the Science Museum which was a) GINORMOUS b) oddly COSY - we discussed how long this might go on for. Normally with a big film it feels OK to talk spoilers a day or two after it's out, as people who REALLY want to see it will have done so by then, but with Star Wars that's not the case as EVERYONE wants to see it, so you CAN'T necessarily get to it so quickly! I guess after New Year it'll be fine, but until then you will see no mention of the plot here.

You might, however, hear me THINKING about it. A LOT. Cor! It was GRATE!

posted 22/12/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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