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Blog: A Merry Christmas To All Our Readers

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During the glorious 18 months or so when I was off work there was only one time when I missed having a job: CHRISTMAS. This wasn't because I particularly like slogging into an office when all is crisp and even or going to work parties, but very much because i DO like the few days around 22 December when loads of people take extra time off and EVEN MORE because I LOVE the VAST EXPANSE of time off that University workers get between Christmas and New Year. I know it's daft to miss having a week off when, for most intents and purposes, you have EVERY week off, but I did.

This also used to be the time of year when I would set aside a batch of days to do a PROJECT, like recording a TAPE or in later years going on TRIPS. We do have some trips lined up this year and I've got a few mini-projects in mind but my MAIN PLAN is to spend vast swathes of the holiday watching TELLY. In my new job I spend about two and a half hours commuting every day, which is fine for reading books but has rather cut into my TELLY time, so I have reserved the sofa for Boxing Day to watch A LOT of it. It's going to be GRATE!

After that we forge into the new year when there's some Exciting Things occurring, not least of which is the new Validators' album. We're now on the second batch of mixes for this and it's all sounding PRETTY DARN GOOD. The Validators and I have longed planned to do an album of ALL HITS and I think we might be getting close this time around, with at least FIVE songs that I already do all the time in my solo set, that number rising to SEVEN that we'll be playing with the band. Hopefully we'll have one more batch of mixes after this then some TWEAKS and, if The Gods Of ROCK smile upon us, we might even have the whole album ready for release in the summer. Don't book your holidays around it though - these things do have a tendency to get delayed - but it should almost definitely be out some time in 2016!

For now though it's time for that other festive tradition: setting the Out Of Office auto-reply. Before I do that though I'd like to say thanks very much INDEED to everyone who reads this continuing nonsense and hope you have a DELIGHTFUL Christmas ready for a GRATE New Year!

posted 23/12/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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