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Blog: Once More Into The Office

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Happy new year, one and all - I hope 2016 has been as delightful as possible for you so far!

For me it has been MOSTLY ace i.e. the bits of it that were spent lolling around at home, before veering towards NOT AS ACE i.e. having to come to work today. This time last year I was halfway through my "year" off and I must say I LONG for those days today even more than usual, especially when I trudged onto the TUBE this morning with the hordes of other gloomily faced reluctants.

Still, a new year is a time for exciting PLANS and PROSPECTS and there's certainly a good few of those for me to look forward to in 2016. First and foremost we have the new Validators' album "Still Valid" which is edging ever closer towards completion. I'm hoping that it'll be available to buy by the summer and that we'll be doing a few GIGS around then to promote it, but previous experience tells me that it's best not to pile TOO much hope on that sort of thing. Mind you, we're not recording an hour long rock opera about Dinosaurs this time, so surely there can't be THAT much to delay it?

There's also the live recording of Hey Hey 16K to look forward to, maybe even as an Actual DVD. Steve and I are doing a couple more live shows in February (in Cambridge on the 7th and Leicester on the 10th) but then of course we'll probably be doing an ARENA TOUR once we get in the DVD charts. Almost definitely.

Meanwhile I've just started booking acts for the spring and summer dates of Totally Acoustic. There's enough new people that I'd like to get on to last me until 2017 at the moment, so I'm planning to keep it running pretty much every month this year. The next one's this Thursday, with Jenny Lockyer, Matt Tiller and The Indelicates - it'll be GRATE, come along if you're about!

And then there's the MISC and OTHER stuff that I don't necessarily know what it is yet - there's lots of The Writing out there that's RIPE with possibilities, various GIGS and of course a PhD in October! Whatever happens, I hope it's going to be an interesting year and, who knows, I might even get to write the NEXT First Blog Of The Year NOT from an office again!

posted 4/1/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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