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Blog: Visions Of Bill Nighy

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Like MOST of the UK I've been in a bit of a GRUMP this week, due to the whole It Not Being Christmas Anymore thing and also Now We Have To Be At Work All The Time. I have probably not helped myself by a) listening to Bob Dylan all the time (i got The Best Of The Cutting Edge 1965-1966: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 12 for Christmas and it's really good but not VASTLY jolly) and b) reading This Is The Way The World Ends by James Morrow, which is BONKERS and also BLEAK.

Thus I was trudging along through Green Park underground station this morning trying to cheer myself up with thoughts of FUN ahead and things to be thankful for, and not doing very well at it, when suddenly a VISION appeared before me. Coming towards me, on the other side of the LONG tunnel between the Jubilee Line and the Piccadilly, was a tall figure who looked oddly familiar. I squinted and realised - could it be? Yes it was - it was your actual BILL NIGHY, stomping in the opposite direction!

Bill Nighy! On the tube! At 9:30am on a Wednesday morning!! I decided to take it as a SIGN. If even THERE, deep underground in the not-quite-middle of a working week, one could see HOLLYWOOD STARS then surely there's a possibility of GLAMOUR and DELIGHT everywhere? And if even Bill Nighy has to go on the tube first thing in the morning, then surely it can also be a transport system to HOLLYWOOD (or equivalent) for the rest of us?

I tell you what, it cheered me right up. Next week I hope to see Beyonce on a Boris Bike!

posted 6/1/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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A couple of years ago, I ran into Mr. N buying himself an overcoat in the basement menswear dept. at Liberty. Was much too starstruck to say hello. Was almost tempted to try on the coat he had just been trying on, but bottled that too.
posted 6/1/2016 by Jon H

My son and daughter met him at Victoria and spoke to him! Perhaps one or both of them will tell you the story tomorrow night when (I hope) we'll come to your gig.
posted 6/1/2016 by Dick Perkins

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