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Blog: Album Completion Curry Ahoy

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This week preparations for our new album have entered a glorious new phase: THE ARGUING!

Up until now we have all been pretty much in CONCORD. We all agreed on the basic plan to do a short album of HITS without huge amounts of extra production. We all agreed on the title, pretty much, and the cover concept. We even tended to agree on the finer points of the MIXES that Snug have been doing for us. It's all been very COLLEGIATE... until now.

For LO! we've just got to the stage where we need to talk about what songs will be ON it. There's 13 to choose from for a 10 or 11 track album and NINE of those are SHOE-INS, being obvious HITS to anyone with ears to hear. The other four, however, are a bit more difficult.

TWO of the contentious songs are "talky ones" i.e. tunes that have me basically SPEAKING the words, adapted in both cases from POEMS what I wrote. POEMS! Some of us think we should have one of these tracks on the album (and we all concur as to which one), while other voices have said we should have NEITHER. WOT to do?

The other two songs are from SHOWS, one from Hey Hey 16K and one from Total Hero Team (NB these are not the only SHOWTUNES in the mix, just the ones we're arguing about). ONE of these is pretty definitely not going on the record, whereas the other one is causing MUCH disagreement. Some of us like it, some of us... don't.

We will, of course, get it all sorted out with our usual method of A MILLION EMAILS, but in the meantime it's having the effect of GEEING US UP, as the fact that we're HAVING these heated discussions is a sure sign that we're nearly at the end of the process. The vague plan is to get in for a "final" mix session at some point soon THEN listen to the songs, prepare any POST-FINAL tweaks, then get it MASTERED and go for a BAND CURRY! Obviously we'll also need to do the cover, press some CDs, do publicity and then, you know, RELEASE it, but at the moment the BAND CURRY is very much our finishing line.

It's all RATHER exciting - we're still planning to have the album out by summer, and who knows (touches wood, crosses fingers), we MIGHT actually manage to do it!

posted 15/1/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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