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Blog: The March, part one: GRR!

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We marched yesterday, it was GOOD. Like the modern consumers of politic we are, we went SHOPPING first, and then hopped onto the march itself somewhere after Regents Street (and a LOT of people were hopping on and off similarly, which is the First Thing that leads me to believe it was nearer 2 million than three quarters). It was a bit weird being back in the Marching Arena after over ten years, and almost immediately i found myself getting REALLY WOUND UP by all the parasites who always try and take over such things - obviously the SWP were there, but they did seem to be sticking to the point, unlike the anti-Israeli's, the revolutionary communits, and worst of all, the bloody Trostkyists, whose banners a) had NOTHING to do with the march ("Free Abortion for all", for instance) and b) looked suspiciously worn down, ALMOST as if they got them out for every single march going, irrespective of what it was for. Every time i see an "Bring Back Doctor Who" petition or something, i can't help but wonder if it's a COVER for a bunch of Everybody-Hating TROTS... i know this is a bit paranoid, but my entire experience of "grassroots" politics when i was a student was BLIGHTED by fcuking SWP and other minutely differentiated groups of odious far-left shits trying to take over everything to further their own manfestos which, frankly, are VILE in the extreme. Trotsky really wasn't a Very Nice Man - The State is more important than the individual, ALL humans are expandable and so forth. The worst of it, to me, is that the New Marxists HATE the working classes for not bringing about the revolution they hoped to lead.

posted 16/2/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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