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Blog: Twenty Five Years Of Voon

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Today is an auspicious day for LO! it is the TWENTY FIFTH ANNIVERSARY of the first ever Voon gig!

It wasn't my first gig, or my first performance, or even the first thing Voon (me and Neil) ever did, but by GOLLY it was a big deal at the time. It still feels like one now - this was the evening that The Gods Of ROCK said unto me "Oi! Hibbett! This will probably be your thing for the forseeable - get used to it."

To celebrate this SILVER JUBILEE I have done two things. Firstly I have RE-MASTERED our first EP "Yoghurt Flange" and put it up on Soundcloud, HERE:

I've put all four tracks together to a) preserve the original TAPE experience and b) to make it easier to sort out all the FIZZ and HUM that was on it. It sounds surprisingly good I reckon, all things considered, though there was nothing I could do about how POOR my vocals are on "Stop Wasting My Time". Also how rubbish the lyrics are - I still feel bad about them a quarter of a century later.

As ever with all things Voon I am reminded how much BETTER at all this Neil was - my songs all sound a bit FORCED and TRYING, whereas his are EFFORTLESSLY GRATE. This also applies in the SECOND of the two things I have done - a facebook PHOTO GALLERY of the EP's recording sessions. We did these in the loft of Mr C M Lawson on Brazil Street in Leicester and I wrote NOTES on the back of all the photographs - notes which I have painstakingly (and often painfully) typed up for you "enjoyment" right here in the future. I thought I was being dead clever, actually I was being a bit of a twit!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this celebration of a BYGONE TIME and who knows? I've got a TONNE of other photographs under the bed and BOXES of tapes, I might do some more one day!

posted 11/3/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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you should bring out more stuff from under the bed - thanks for the peek into your past.
posted 11/3/2016 by dave gumble

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