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Blog: Come And See A Showcase

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Over recent months I've been going on about some of my SHORT PLAYS what I have written and have been performed in places various. I'm sure many people have thought "This is all well and good, but when is he going to put several of them on at the same time, possibly with pieces by other people, at a cost of less than a tenner?"

Good news! Your THORTS have been answered, for LO! THREE of my short plays (Marjorie Meets Gareth, Gareth Meets Marjorie , Architecture & Mortality and The Invention Of Sex) are going to be performed as part of the Lost City Writers Showcase at City University on April 14th and tickets are available right now for just seven quid! Who says I ain't good to you?

This is something we've been working on for MONTHS. The idea was first suggested by the City University Alumni Office after Ms Emma Morgan and I had a readthrough at The Poor School. They wondered if our group ("Lost City Writers" i.e. various CHUMS who did the MA in Creative Writing together) would be interested in doing a readthrough at the college. "We'll pay for NIBBLES" they said and we said "You had me at 'We'll pay for NIBBLES'!"

It's taken a while to get everything sorted out but now, at last, it's about to happen. The night will be in two halves of about 40 minutes each, with PIECES by myself, Emma, and Ms N Racklin. It's a really good mix of STUFF and it would be LOVELY if we could get some people down, so why not pop along if you're about? It's only seven quid and, if you don't like it, you can always try to get your money back in NIBBLES!

posted 17/3/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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