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Blog: The Yellow And The Grey

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I haven't had much to say about THE WRITING on here for a little while, mostly because not an awful lot has been going on. I mean, I've been THINKING things and WRITING stuff, but not with a huge amount of consequence. I have a big TABLE listing every script I submit, with columns for who it went to, what the deadline was and when I think I'll hear back. If I get a positive result (e.g.placing in a competition) I shade that row in YELLOW, if they email to say NO I shade it GREY and strikethrough the details, and if I never hear back from then (but find out it was a "no" by myself) I turn it grey but don't do a strikethrough, just so I know they were RUDE. It usually an a) QUITE efficient b) pleasantly fernickety system but for the last few months it has been an ever growing wall of GREYNESS.

This all got a bit DEPRESSING so a couple of weeks ago I ARCHIVED all the old stuff leaving a fresh table full of UNSHADED rows of POSSIBILITY. I know it sounds a bit daft but this was a HUGE relief - I know everybody always says The Writing is all about rejection, but CRIKEY I never realised quite how much of it there is!

HOWEVER. Once I had archived all the DREARINESS something rather odd started to happen i.e. YELLOW started to reappear on my chart! Captain Wonderful, as mentioned the other week, got performed in Bedford! A script that I wrote for The Impact (a collaborative film by Create50) got SHORTLISTED! A script I wrote for Twisted Showcase ALSO got shortlised , 6 Billion To One got accepted into The Movie Park Action Film Festival and then on Friday I found out that a version of My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once, heavily re-written since being in The Sitcom Trials, has been shortlisted for a possible reading in That London!

Now, i realise that all of these shortlistings may not come to anything, but it's STILL a lot more fun than just a bunch of rejections! There's also the small matter of the SHOWCASE I'm doing next week at City University. It's an evening featuring THREE short pieces by ME as well as slightly longer pieces by my fellow alumni Ms N Racklin and Ms E Morgan. We had a bit of a wobble last week as the amount of tickets sold (NOT MANY) meant we might have to CANCEL, but I think we're safe now... though if anybody cares to help us to safety by buying a ticket that woud be DELIGHTFUL!

It's all jolly good fun although, OF COURSE, I do realise that I will soon have to put it all on hold. The album's due out this summer, I will probably be too busy CAVORTING around THE BRIT AWARDS to do any writing once that's unleashed, right kids?

posted 6/4/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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