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Blog: Lyrical Revisionism

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A week on Saturday (April 16) will be a big day in ROCK HISTORY, for LO! The Validators are convening in Derby for a BIG MEETING (and, mostly, a curry) at which we hope to finally SIGN OFF the music and artwork for our new album 'Still Valid'. We're currently listening to the re-tweaked MASTER of the album and final amendments are being made to the cover so, all being well, by the time we have accepted complimentary spirits at the end of our meals it will all be DONE.

And that, of course, is when The Real Work begins, not only with steering the album through the MANUFACTURING process but also with PUBLICITY! I've been PLOUGHING through old databases for the past couple of weeks looking for press contacts as well as badgering CHUMS for new people to send the album to, as my lists are so out of date, and am starting plans to REVAMP the webpages so they're COHERENTLY BRANDED. I'm also going to take the opportunity to FINALLY change things around so it's not IMPOSSIBLE to use read on a phone - I can't say I'm looking forward to this particular job, but one must move with the times!

One aspect of the revamp I HAVE been enjoying is going through the LYRICS for all the new songs to make sure that they're a) present b) correct. This has been an INTERESTING experience as every single song has had to be CORRECTED - when I write a song I tend to get all excited and put the lyrics up IMMEDIATELY (partly so that I can look them up when I inevitably forget them!) but it then usually takes AGES for us to get round to RECORDING them so, by the time they are IMMORTALISED in plastic, the words have invariably EVOLVED through PERFORMANCE. Sometimes it's only a couple of small things but on this album there have been some BIG differences. The whole chorus to Can We Be Friends has altered, for instance, while Burn It Down And Start Again has a whole new MIDDLE!

It's been rather good fun to go through them all again, not least because it means I have an excuse to LISTEN to the album several times over. It's sounding DEAD good - a lot simpler than our last couple of albums, with more HITS than ever before and also quite LOUD. At the moment we're looking at early July for the Official Release but, as usual, I'll be making it available a bit earlier for Newsletter subscribers.

You can sign up for the newsletter if you don't want to miss out, but I'm sure I shall be mentioning again between now and then!

posted 7/4/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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