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Blog: Hey Hey DVD

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It gives me ENORMOUS pleasure to say that the DVD of Hey Hey 16K is finally available to BUY from those lovely people at Go Faster Stripe and it is ACE!

I know it's ACE because I watched it myself last night whilst doing the ironing, and although it did make me SHRINK from the screen a few times when I noticed bits that I did WRONG I can confirm that it is a complete and accurate rendering of the live show experience, except that we don't come and talk to you at the end in sweaty shirts. Although that, of course, can be arranged.

It's a right proper recording with lovely packaging and an AMAZING title sequence, which you can witness in full for yourself HERE:

It's also my first experience of someone ELSE (i.e. not me) releasing something (apart from on a compilation) for YEARS and so I am, of course, feeling a bit guilty about Mr C Evans of Go Faster Stripe PAYING for it and thus would be grateful if as many people as possible could give him some CA$H. On the other hand I'm quite excited about the FACT that releasing a DVD means I've had to update The Database Of ROCK (which runs this whole site) in order to set up a new category in the discography!

It's all VERY exciting really - at last, after all these years, you can see one of our shows PROPERLY without having to actually go in person. The dream, FULFILLED!

posted 11/4/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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That loading sequence is GENIUS!!
posted 11/4/2016 by Gareth Williams

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