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Blog: Super Sunday

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I had a LOVELY day on Sunday, made up of two DELIGHTFUL halves.

In the morning The Sun In My Sky and I, and also approx 95% of all people living in East Village, decided it would be a good idea to go out for a walk in the sunshine. SPOILERS: it WAS! It felt like being in The Mediterranean or something, we were warmed right through. We saw GOSLINGS being fluffy, a whole new BIT of the Olympic Park (they've opened some new Retail Units near the canal ), and roughly 10,000,000,000 small children enjoying the fountains. We ALSO went and used our monthly free tea and coffee vouchers in John Lewis - guys, if you think a My Waitrose Card and free newspapers is a good as it gets, get yourself a John Lewis Card too and LIVE the Partners Dream with FREE CAKE!

The second half of the day involved me ZOOMING into central London and arriving outside The King & Queen at 3:55pm to find Mr G Osborn and various other lovely people waiting to be let in, for LO! it was the day of our DVD launch! Hoorah! I'd been worried about ANYBODY turning up and, if they did, whether they'd HEED our warning about it starting at 4:15pm, so seeing such a sizeable group there EARLY was a GRATE relief.

When the doors opened we stormed inside to set up the tables and for me to be asked The Question That Everybody Asks Me At This Time Of Year i.e. "Are you playing Indietracks?" I get asked this SO OFTEN (5 times this week alone!) that I'm thinking of getting a t-shirt made that says "I don't think so, I haven't heard" - it would save time! This conversation did however CEMENT my desire to go on the Saturday, from what I've heard it's going to be an AMAZING day for Bands I Know And/Or Like!

Steve arrived, we got our beers, and at 4:15pm precisely Gav took to the stage and was ACE. He bookended his set with Songs I Know and did some BRAND NEW stuff in the middle. My favourite was a song called "I Don't Know Enough About That", about not being sufficiently informed about Important Matters to comment. I nodded STRONGLY.

And then it was time for me and Steve to do the FINAL - no, honestly last, pretty much definitely this time, accept for the West End run - performance of Hey Hey 16K. We hadn't performed it for three months so I'd suggested a REHEARSAL but Steve had said no, suggesting that we didn't really NEED one and anyway it would be more fun to muck around as the audience would feature a lot of CHUMS. He was CORRECT, as it was a LOT of fun, although with surprisingly little mistakes. I mean, SOME mistakes, obviously, but not that many!

With that done we all went downstairs for some lovely sunny PINTS in my favourite pub before hometime. Doing gigs at 4pm is BRILLIANT, you get to have a lovely leisurely time in the pub and STILL get home in time for tea - it was SUPER!

posted 9/5/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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